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Founded on May 2020, AyoMayo embarked on its journey during the first Movement Control Order (MCO) of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our initial intention was to support a colleague in covering his rental expenses and sustaining his livelihood. To achieve this, we ventured into selling matcha milk spread. The inspiration behind of selling this was the fact that one of us is a passionate matcha lover. We dedicated one month on research and development, but we also continuously improving the texture and taste based on customer feedback until we received 98% of positive feedback from customers.

During this process, we discovered a growing demand for our spread in the market. Consequently, we decided to continue producing it as our sideline after the MCO, alongside our full-time jobs. As time passed, our commitment to AyoMayo grew, and August, we decided to leave our full-time positions and devote ourselves entirely to the business. We expanded our product range includes dark chocolate and earl grey.

However, after 2 years of relentless effort, we decided to discontinue its production due to the short shelf life of milk spread. Subsequently, we shifted our focus to almond butter, which offers a longer shelf life.

Today, we proudly offer six flavours of almond butter. Each variant is the result of extensive research and careful consideration of ingredients, aiming to provide our customers with a delightful taste experience while promoting healthier choices. We do not do the best, but we constantly strive to improve and surpass our previous achievements.

Our ultimate goal is to become Malaysia's first choice for Almond Butter. Our mission is delivering a fast, simple, and healthy lifestyle to our valued customers!

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